Taste of panipuri
and sandwiches
beyond compare…

Shree Vishnubhai’s initiative has taken its own shape of taste in the city of restaurants “Ahmedabad”. The city that has created its own market for the quality food of every cuisine. I M NATURAL PANIPURI AND SANDWICHWALA has got more than an identity now. It’s a name for quality taste in various snacks of multi cuisine.

unmatched varities of sandwiches

Varities that are not even heard are the speciality of ours. We server sandwiches by flavor of the day!!!

Mouth watering panipuri

The most commonly available panipuri is special with us. It's not only taste that we serve but it is your health factor that makes it stand apart.

Yummy!!! Milkshakes

Healthy drink for all ages... Our quality of milk and fresh fruits make your milkshake even healthier.